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Strategic Asset Management at Homes

Strategic Asset Management at Homes

Homes is packed with sessions on how great asset management strategies have led to better outcomes across Britain – here are some tasters of what to expect.

davidpotts-midland-heartMIDLAND HEART

‘Midland Heart’s asset management team have been working with a bespoke Strategic Asset Management System (SAMS) developed in house, to review the Net Present Value (NPV) of our properties over a 30-year life cycle.

‘The tool uses data from Keystone software, repairs and maintenance cost data from the property care team and operational costs such as lettings and voids data to predict the financial performance of our entire portfolio. This allows us to make informed decisions about long- term health and viability of each home.

> David Potts, Director of asset management, Midland Heart. Greg Lakin, Director of property care, Midland Heart will be speaking on Wednesday, 09:45-10:30, Mears Theatre



‘Relentlessly focusing on the customer and their experience is delivering exceptional levels of satisfaction, removing costs and increasing operating margins year- on-year at AmicusHorizon.

‘We take a holistic and strategic approach to spending money wisely and deliver sector-leading services through a number of key areas. These include the use of technology and mobile working, a clear insight into asset performance, and – perhaps most importantly – continuous vigour in delivering a great customer experience.

> ‘At present we are taking a number of investment decisions to fashion customer engagement, asset agility and gather market intelligence to ensure we are fit for the future. I will be happy to share these at my session on Wednesday, 10:00-10:45, Mitie Theatre.' Jane  Porter, Executive director of operations, Amicushorizon


martinpollhammer-elhaEAST LOTHIAN HA

Our Star Rating system, introduced in 2008, is the ‘public face’ of our asset management strategy. Just like hotels, every property we advertise for rent is graded, 5* for the best, 1* for the worst, with properties able to move up or down one star based on likely demand. We aim for 4*. ‘But what this approach says is that 4* and 5* properties will not be improved in the near future. A 3* home will be improved to at least 4* standard by 2020, a 2* home will be improved to at least 4* standard within the current year, and a 1* home will be brought up to 4* standard before it is let. As you can see, this makes it simple on the outside, but rather complex underneath. A bit like me.

> Martin Pollhammer, Chief executive, East Lothian Housing Association, will be speaking on Wednesday, 13:15-14:00, seminar theatre 3 (H+H)


jilliesmithies-goldinghomesGOLDING HOMES

‘Effective asset management at Golding Homes is the foundation of our strategic priority to invest in homes and communities. Within a challenging environment where we are all seeking to make savings, large stock investment budgets are seen as ‘easy pickings’. Customer needs and expectations are changing and we are modernising service access options.

‘The key for us is to understand the value of our assets, and not to do less, but to do things differently so that we continue to provide comfortable homes in places where people want to live.

‘I believe that our integrated contract for responsive, cyclical and planned work, together with an innovative service delivery arrangement is critical to the achievement of our objectives and those of our residents and contracting partner.

> Hear from Jillie Smithies, Director of operations, Golding Homes on Wednesday 10:00-10:45, Mitie Theatre


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  • "I really enjoyed the Homes 2015 conference and in particular finding out from others what they are doing to support women wanting careers in construction. In November I would like to see whether the government is prepared to invest in new affordable rented housing post-2018 as well as housing for sale"
    Jez Lester
    Assistant Chief Executive (Asset Management) at Incommunites Group (West Yorkshire)
  • "It is the best asset management exhibition and conference by a distance and the subject should be more important."
    John Milner
    Baily Garner


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