On 20 April 2015 we brought together over 30 of the industry’s senior leaders to advise on what the content for this year’s event should cover. Based on this, Homes 2015 will look to cover the following themes:

Skills & Apprenticeships

  • Building a development team in local government 
  • Attracting, developing and retaining the skills that the industry needs, including getting more females into the industry. Also, how to better link education and industry 

Place making & Neighbourhood Renewal

  • Social mission vs development – who are we building these homes for? 
  • Building sustainable communities through decent homes
  • How can we make mixed tenure communities work? 

Innovation & Technology

  • The current and future role of technology in housing. How does technology underpin value for money? 
  • Digital inclusion and tenant engagement
  • Better utilisation of data and technology around safeguarding 

Building & Adapting for Future Generations

  • New customer/tenant profiles with varying demands. How to manage those competing demands? 
  • What delivery models do we need to deliver the amount of homes we need?
  • Unlocking public land and the role of local authorities in future development

Energy Efficiency & Fuel Poverty

  • What part does the sector have to play in energy efficiency: new build vs retrofit; and area based funding?
  • Compliance – moving towards a property M.O.T and biannual gas servicing

Offsite Construction 

  • Opening up the supply chain in offsite construction 
  • Promoting the high performance and serviceability, utilising BOPAS to attract institutional investment
  • Using offsite and composites to reduce voids

Procurement & Value for Money

  • Delivering all asset management services through one contractor
  • What is good asset management - how can organisations facilitate closer working between asset management, repairs and maintenance and housing management teams? What kinds of savings can this yield?
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing – are repairs contracts working?
  • Working with commercial partners – how to drive value in the contracts
  • New European procurement regulations and housing

Finance, grant, governance and risk

  • Section 106 and CIL – is S106 providing value for money for the taxpayer?
  • Are there too many strings attached with grant funding?
  • How are board members managing their organisations risk profile?
  • Mitigating the financial risk attached to the differential geographic construction costs
  • Overcoming the barriers to JVs between HAs and LAs

To register to attend Homes for FREE* click here. Please note a fee of £95+VAT per person, per day will be applied to commercial organisations

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