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Mitie to unveil plan at Homes 2016

Mitie Property Services has designed a blueprint to help housing providers with the challenges they face. Its managing director, Mat Bishop, will tell all and host an interactive session at Homes 2016 so that you can find out all about it – here’s why you should attend.

Q: What are the key issues you expect to discuss at Homes 2016?

A: ‘We all know that social housing is a challenging place to be at the moment. The rent reduction has exacerbated financial pressures for social housing providers and this trend looks only to increase with further political and economic uncertainty. To help our clients, we’ve put our heads together and are now trying something new to help housing providers with these challenges. Our offer is a pledge to social housing providers to trust us to come up with a plan to deliver positive outcomes to our clients, their customers and the communities in which we work, through a broad range of services and opportunities.’


Q: Sounds interesting, tell me more…

A: ‘We know that through our breadth of services, skills and expertise, we can help make sure that social housing providers don’t face these challenges alone. Our new value proposition is all about being flexible and adaptable to clients’ needs, but remembering that in everything we do, we aim to deliver positive outcomes. We’ve grouped our services into three areas: Integrated Property Management, Partnership Solutions and Housing Futures. Each proposition provides a range of solutions to key challenges, and we’re going to showcase these three solutions to the audience at Homes.’


Q: Okay, how can I work out what this means for my organisation?

A: ‘At Homes 2016, we would like to invite you to an interactive workshop to demonstrate our plans in action. We will go through the services we offer and invite you to learn more about how we work and what we can offer social housing providers. Visit us at the Mitie Theatre on Wednesday 16 November 2016, from 11am to 12.45pm.’


Q: I’m interested, but not sure I can spare the time…

A: ‘We realise time is precious at Homes 2016, so we’d welcome whatever you can spare. The session is in bite-sized chunks to enable you to ask us questions in a relaxed environment and get to the heart of the issue. I look forward to seeing you at Homes 2016.’


To hear more, visit us at Homes 2016 at the Mitie Theatre on Wednesday 16 November 2016, from 11am to 12.45pm. RSVP to if you are interested in attending.

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