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Efficiency and Procurement Solutions at Homes

Efficiency and Procurement Solutions at Homes


‘From a procurement point of view, we would say there isn’t much negative as far as the Brexit vote is concerned. Our message is that people should stick with the current Public Contracts Regulations 2015 in England and Wales and the Procurement Reform Act (Scotland) 2014 as the principles here shouldn’t change. The current rules and regulations are a result of strong input from UK businesses – including housing providers. There are always refinements that can be made, but we don’t see the current approach being unravelled due a crackdown on perceived EU red tape. Organisations will continue to get efficiencies so long as they have a good look at the rules and use them to generate competition for their business.’ John Skivington, director, LHC



Yes the pound Sterling exchange rate has suffered in recent months post-Brexit vote, so many imported goods are becoming more expensive. However, you can mitigate this through the use of existing frameworks to ensure you are getting the best price and remaining competitive. You may have contractual obligations to some companies, but don’t feel this means you can’t look around for other suppliers to ensure you are getting the best deal.’ John Skivington, Director, LHC


“Homes 2015 brought the right issues to the right people at the right time. In 2016 I would like to see even more on supply chains – are they really as lean as they could be?”

John Wallace, Head of procurement and purchasing, Anchor Trust


> With the pressure on social landlords to build more homes efficiently and effectively, off-site construction is seen as a credible solution. Along with higher energy efficiency standards, and an increasing need to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty, many believe that building homes off-site in a factory environment is the way forward. In this session, John Skivington, LHC Director, will focus on how public sector landlords can deliver an effective solution through a pre tendered framework while developing social value from procurement and positive outcomes for their communities.

Session takes place on Wednesday, 14:15-15:00, Seminar Theatre 3 (H+H)



‘Many organisations can rush to market without properly scoping what they require, budgets or who might provide it. OJEU supports and almost encourages Pre-Market Engagement, and this can be really beneficial for flushing out answers to those questions. At Torus Housing, a number of pre- engagement exercises were used to enhance knowledge of the procurement team and make prospective suppliers aware in advance of our needs and aspirations. Addition of this step can help confirm likely budget required and the most appropriate OJEU path for the contracting body's needs. Often features that appear very 'blue sky thinking', can be readily found in the marketplace. This can mean a shorter process, or framework purchase, if a more prescriptive Invitation To Tender specification can be determined.’
Tony Smith, Director, Acutance


> Tony Smith, Director, Acutane Consulting and Debbie Trust- Dickinson, Director of IT and Transformation at Torus Housing, will be speaking on Wednesday, 15:15- 16:00 Seminar Theatre 3 (H+H). Torus was formed in April 2015 when Golden Gates Housing Trust and Helena Partnerships came together to form a stronger business with 22,000 homes and 900 talented staff. As well as trying to establish a new business against a backdrop of unprecedented sector change, Torus faced the additional challenge of having to transform the groups’ IT offer, with no two systems the same. During the session Debbie will take you on a journey of transformation, the Torus way. Find out how an ambitious programme of this scale was tackled head on, how running costs were substantially reduced and how effective engagement took the whole of Team Torus on the journey too. Tony will describe his experience supporting Torus and share his considerable knowledge and insight into the wider marketplace.


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  • "I really enjoyed the Homes 2015 conference and in particular finding out from others what they are doing to support women wanting careers in construction. In November I would like to see whether the government is prepared to invest in new affordable rented housing post-2018 as well as housing for sale"
    Jez Lester
    Assistant Chief Executive (Asset Management) at Incommunites Group (West Yorkshire)
  • "It is the best asset management exhibition and conference by a distance and the subject should be more important."
    John Milner
    Baily Garner


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